A Kodak No.1 camera decorates F. Carter’s bookcase. It belonged to her great grandfather. On another shelf rests a battered 1970’s edition of Lord of Rings.

This copy of Tolkein, first belonged to her Aunt and Mum. Her Dad’s Canon AE-1 joins the camera collection. Her grandfather’s paintings lean atop the bookcase, above them all.

Nearby sits a model of a Glasgow tram, from the city where she was born. This second bookshelf contains the books of her childhood. A crochet butterfly made by her Mum for her cousin’s wedding tangles in fairy lights.

Coloured glass reflects the light. It’s a ‘witch’s ball’, a present from her grandparents, and beside it sits a cake stand which her other grandparents received as wedding gift. 

Before her teens F. Carter lived in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the USA, but always called Scotland home. She earned her BA in Visual Communication and Design from the University of the Highlands and Islands. She lives and works in Dundee.

The books on her shelves mostly involve magic. Many contain maps of lands that don’t exist.

Her current works in progress are influenced by all of the above. LEARN MORE.


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